Le Mystere de Koyle Pearl


2 am on deserted streets with my hand in my pocket, clicking stones strung together on a string made to resemble a pearl necklace. They're wrapped between my fingers like a rosary. I'm thinking about the Mask of Zorro, the yellow circle of light on concrete, and the gun, the gun.

With one end of the string held against my eye and the other pointed at the moon, the pearls become a glowing pathway. After weeks of meditation, they've become a tether connecting me to something deep and old. The necklace is the circle broken forever. It is the veil torn away. Divine hymen.

St. Thomas and St. Martha, the masculine and feminine, struck down by the bullet, leaving little Bruce alone and stripped to the bone.  It's the part of initiations they don't talk about in the Golden Dawn handbook: the bone-rattling fear and the ache in a corner of your heart "that cannot be pointed to".

St. Thomas: W-What is this?

Joe Chill: A stickup, buddy! I'll take that necklace you're wearin', lady!

The scene plays out as an anxiety dream with a million angles. The pearls and the pool of blood always waiting at the end.

And look: who's eyes are reflected in that pool?

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How to Stop the Revolving Door of Arkham



Yeah yeah yeah. Demons are real beings made up of negative psychic energy, living on the astral plane. Demons are metaphors for the negative emotional states within the psyche. Demons are the empty shells left over when the divine manifestation departs.

I'm not smart enough to figure out what they really are, but just like you, there's a shit ton of them running around in my brain and making a nasty mess. So grab a broom and follow me!

(As always, the following is purely conjecture. Any more insightful approaches will be greatly appreciated.)

The Rogue's Gallery, or the Tree of Death, resides in all of us. The devil really did make you do it.

___Riddle Me This___

The Riddler is the demon of pride. He tells you how much better you are than everyone else. How much cooler and smarter. Always acting like he has the answers, but speaking only in riddles. You've heard his voice in your head, narrating the documentary that's all about you. 'He was a wise and handsome man. So amazing and inspiring in every way.'

Here's how you throw him back in Arkham:

You will need three candles. I used black, white, and yellow (for air, the Riddler's element). You will also need a length of cord, eucalyptus incense and something to serve as an idol. I got a sweet heroclix Riddler figure. A sigil would be fine, as well.

One part of the ritual involves the use of the "black mirror". I'm still experimenting with this and can't really judge if it works yet. The image of the demon is supposed to show up in the mirror. It's the secret of goetic evocation, or so I'm told by some youtube video.

The video says that one must use a mirror of polished obsidian, so I bought a cheap frame and spray-painted the back of the glass black.

-Set up the 'black mirror' within a triangle of candles. Place the idol in front of it.

-Perform banishing.
-Perform the invocation of the Batman.
-Light incense and candles.
-Stare into and through the black mirror. The reflection of the smoke and the candle flames may be the key to this trick..
-In your best Batman voice, call to the Riddler. Demand that he enter the triangle. I did this for about ten minutes when I found myself talking like a stuffed up Christian Bale and shouting, "Show yourself, Nygma!"
-Once you feel his presence, get all alpha-chimp and start interrogating. Ask whatever you like. See what happens. (This is where it can get weird)
-Take the cord and tie three knots in it. As you tie each knot, say 'Zur En Arrh'.
-Command the Riddler into the idol. Tell him he's going back to Arkham, and he won't be allowed out unless you say so.
-Wrap the cord around the idol. As you do so, imagine Riddler sitting in his cell, the door slamming shut on him.
-Put the idol away for later use

This template can easily be adapted to fit any of the Batman's foes. Replace incense and candle color with appropriate substitutes.


Jonathan Crane- fear
Victor Fries- detachment
Ra's al Ghul- self-righteousness
Pamela Isely- narcissism
Waylon Jones- attachment
Jervis Tetch- obsession
Edward Nygma- pride
Oswald Cobblepot- One Percenter

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