The Cat and The Bat

Today we have everyone's favorite cat burglar hanging around our altar space in honor of Monday!  Wreathed in pearls and antlers, at her feet are quartz, an egg-shaped stone, and three of my rings: moon ring, moonstone ring (um, obvious choices, I know), and my engagement ring (because diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially if that girl is Selina Kyle!)  Today is a great day for her, there's a full moon out tonight, the Hunter's Moon to be precise.

 This pesky feline has been complicating Batman's life for quite some time now; since the moment they met actually...

Bob Kane states he and Bill Finger saw cats as "kind of the antithesis of bats."  

Oh reeeaally?   To me, black cats and black bats are both creatures of the night.  They are sleek and stealth, observant and cunning.  But when you consider that bats are basically flying rats and cats have a penchant for said rodents... the addition of wings to the traditional "cat and mouse" equation only heightens the excitement for the cat.  Really, would she ever be satisfied if the rat posed no challenge for her? *winkwink*

And they have played the "cat and mouse game" quite well...

Catwoman is the grey to Batman's black and white.  She is anarchy and pure sex while Batman is, let's be honest here, kinda sterile and a bit of a goody-good, his rough and tough demeanor aside.  Sure, Batman plays the part of a handsome, rich, eligible bachelor well.  But at the end of the day he's deep in a cave, alone and brooding in the dark.  Catwoman goes to parties and actually enjoys herself.  Stealing and catching crooks is a thrill.  While it is true they are both seeking vengeance for injustices wrought upon their lives, Selina Kyle knows how to separate from her pain and is able to go on with her life.  Catwoman does what she does to live, Batman does what he does to escape death.


Here is another quote from Kane worth mulling over in your brain:  

 "Men feel more sure of themselves with a male friend than a woman. You always need to keep women at arm's length. We don't want anyone taking over our souls, and women have a habit of doing that."  

Oh Batman, quit trying to be so tough all the time.  And stop lying too.  Everyone knows this woman shakes you to your core!  But why?  What is it about this feline fatale that keeps drawing him back?  Letting her escape?  Largely considered a benevolent character, Catwoman is still a criminal, period. She steals, she lies, she cheats, she was a prostitute...

But she is also that spark, that loveable, chaotic entity that keeps him on his toes (and isn't trying to murder him every chance she gets!)  She finds joy and excitement in some of the most unlikely places.  This isn't to say Catwoman doesn't experience her darker moments from time to time, we all do.  What sets her apart is her refusal to let it consume her.


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