Consecrated Prayer Box

The origin of the Bat-veve.  Etched in blood and paint on a circular box painted to resemble a pearl.  Pearls are wisdom.  They represent the righteous, the innocent, the pure.  These are the things which the Batman fights for and strives to protect.  This sigil can be used on just about anyone or anything; use it whenever you wish to invoke the Batman, to receive his protection, to bring an enemy to justice.  It represents the all-seeing eyes of Batman, the guidance of the four elements, the protection of the night.  In this context, the Bat-veve draws up and protects the contents of this box.

The embodiment of Justice, Guardian of the Night.  Always watching, always guarding his city, his people.   

 Who is the Batman?  What makes the Batman?  His origins have been encapsulated in this box.

  •  Blood and pearls, the darkness of night.  Blood is life, power, energy, strength.  Pearls for the innocent, the honest, the faithful.  Darkness is the unknown, the terrifying, the hidden places.  These are what surrounded him the night his parents were murdered.
  • Red roses of mourning, one for each of the lives altered that night.  Symbolizes his great love and commitment, his promise of justice.
  • Apache tear to heal grief, ease pain, loss, sadness, anger; for protection and removal of negative forces. 
  • Bat nut (or devil pod) used for protection; a literal representation of the Bat which was sought to strike fear into the hearts of enemies.  Its terrifying face scares off all those who would harm you.
  • Quartz for  general protection and amplification of all included objects.


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