The Streets of Gotham Run Deepest Through Your Heart

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   "We impose meaning on the chaos of our lives.  We create form, morality, order.  It's a choice we have to make every second of every minute of every day."  -Batman:  Absolution (DeMatteis, Ashmore)

My dedication to the Batman is renewed every morning I lace up my Chucks with the golden bat symbol I drew on them.  "Guard my soul, guard my path" - It's ridiculous word play on the role of my feet and the soles of my shoes, but it's an easy ritual to remind me each day of my promise to the Batman:  to walk the path of justice.  

Before you ask, no, I'm not a real life super hero, nor do I aspire to be one.  While the thought of beating up rapists and taking down corrupt politicians is exciting, my fear of heights and lack of combat skills and affluence greatly diminishes my ability to take on such a role.  So how can one aspire to be like the bat when you have absolutely nothing in common with Gotham's Guardian?

Simple.  Protect everyone you can, starting with yourself.

The banishing ritual of the bat is a good place to start.  It was a bit more involved than the original banishing ritual I had set for myself, but it proved to pack a mightier punch.  After working this ritual for a week, I noticed the Gotham skyline would sneak its way into my peripheral at various times during the day, reminding me that it was still there, guarding and protecting me.  

Daily rituals/altars to each member of the bat family came next.  Adding a tangible element with things such as custom votive candles and Heroclix worked wonders for solidifying my practice.  Though I didn't grow up in a Catholic home, nor do I align any of my beliefs within the religion, I've always had a strange attraction to Catholic rituals and regalia; the vast iconography and intricate shrines of the devout have always held my fascination.  Taking just a moment of my time each day to remember them greatly improved our relationship.  The bat family was becoming my family.  It became easier to converse with them and ask for guidance and help through these simple rituals.

Three years later and I'm still at it.

Catwoman and I go way back, but I've since developed a particularly special bond with Alfred.  Damien is still distant, but we have an understanding.  For me it's not overt fandom, it's how I live my life.  Honestly, I wasn't a huge comic book reader before I joined up with Sons of the Batman, but I'd always loved the essence of Batman.  I was familiar enough to appreciate and believe in the same ideals.  I never even owned a Batman shirt up to this point!  When I finally got around to acquiring one, it had the same life-altering effects as trying on a graduation gown or a wedding dress for the first time.  The loud, yellow bat logo blazing out from my chest became my declaration to the world of my new found path.

I feel I'm still pretty new to the ideas of chaos magick and voodoo, among other things, having only really been digging into them and devoting time/effort for about five years now.  I was having a hard time identifying with any of the "traditional" heathen gods and goddesses often worshiped by other followers of these paths; it wasn't until Batman came along that I was able to find my calling.

I am a Son of the Batman.


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