Tithing Ritual

The following is an adaptation of the Discordian Tithing Ritual developed by the Church of Moo.

To be performed every payday, or whenever it seems unnecessary.

1. Obtain five crisp, new one dollar bills.  European Sons can use a single five Euro bill or five Euro coins.

2. Affix the following veve to each bill, using a rubber stamp or by drawing it.
3. Select five people with listed addresses at random out of your telephone book.  If you happen to already have candidates for membership in mind, use them.

4. Mail one bill to each person, enclosing it with this letter:

 5. Take every opportunity to state the activation code.  If you don't immediately receive a response, don't repeat it.  People are more likely to dismiss odd statements from strangers when not pressed.  If you find yourself in an awkward situation because of it, just laugh and say, "You know.  From Batman," and blow it off.

By practicing this ritual, you will be helping to spread the word of the Batman.  If the recipient does not hold onto the bill, and spends it instead, at least it will put the veve into circulation.


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