Banishing Ritual of the Bat Signal

This is a ritual adapted from the famous Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (or LBRP to the cool kids).

In case you're not the researching type: everybody uses it, and it appears to have been invented by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The presuppositions are 1. Fire=South, Water=West, Air=East, and Earth=North. And 2. I've made good judgements as to the elemental attributes of the god names and the Bat Family.

Criticism is appreciated.

Looking at it on paper makes me realize how complicated it appears. But after just a few weeks of experimentation, I can already get through it in under 3 minutes. And it's really easy, since the images described are already burned into my brain. The Bat signal. The Gotham skyline..

==Invocation of Gotham City==

1. Standing in a relaxed position, face the East, or most prominent window in the room. This window will be considered 'East'.
2. Begin the four-fold breath.
3. Visualize Gotham City rising from the front surface of your body. Make this visualization as detailed or as vague as you like.
4. Visualize an unlit bat signal on your solar plexus.
5. Say, "I shall become a bat."
6. Visualize a white light above your head. As you breathe in, the light draws a line down through your head, into the signal. When it hits the signal, it lights, projecting the bat symbol to the East. Let the light fade away.

==Drawing the Circle==

(In this section, you will be creating a protective circle around yourself. Make it as large as you wish. If you are working in a room that is of limited size, you can even make the circle's radius an arm's length, swiveling on your heels to face the cardinal points and fire the signal. Take the time to plan out where the circle will be drawn to prevent yourself from stumbling over yourself in the middle of the ritual.)
1. Step toward the east edge of the circle. visualize the Bat symbol in the air before you.
2. Repeat the visualization of the white light riding down your center and igniting the signal. Fire it toward the East, 'charging' the symbol in front of you, and call out, "DARK KNIGHT". The symbol flares to life.
3. Touch the center of the Bat symbol with your right index finger. Moving clockwise, draw a line following the edge of the circle to the next station in the South. The line you draw glows white as you do it.
4. Facing South, repeat steps 1 and 2, this time calling out, "ZUR EN ARRH"
5. Moving clockwise, draw a line to the next station in the West.
6. Facing West, repeat steps 1 and 2, this time calling out, "CAPED CRUSADER"
7. Moving clockwise, draw a line to the next station in the North.
8. Facing North, repeat steps 1 and 2, this time calling out, "BRUCE WAYNE"
9. Moving clockwise, draw a line to the first station in the East. You should now have a glowing white circle with flaring Bat symbols at each of the cardinal points.
10. While facing East, step backward to the center of your circle.
11. Visualize the white edge of the circle growing into a sphere around you.

==Evocation of the Bat Family==

(Remain facing East for the duration of the ritual)
1. If you have lost the visualization of yourself as Gotham by this time (as I usually do), take a moment to reinstate it.
2. In the East, visualize Barbara Gordon in any of her aspects (Batgirl, Oracle). Call out, "BARBARA GORDON". She turns her back to you, guarding the East.
3. In the West, visualize Dick Grayson in any of his aspects (Batman, Nightwing, Robin). Call out, "DICK GRAYSON". He turns his back to you, guarding the West.
4. In the South, visualize Jim Gordon. Call out, "JIM GORDON". He turns his back to you, guarding the South.
5. In the North, visualize Alfred Pennyworth. Call out, "ALFRED PENNYWORTH". He turns his back to you, guarding the North.
6. Hold all the images you've accumulated until they are settled in.


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