Invocation of the Batman

Once you feel you've mastered the Banishing Ritual of the Bat Signal (or the BRBS [wink]), it'll be time to jump into invocation. In Prime Chaos, Phil Hine says, "Invocation basically involves calling upon an entity and thereby identifying oneself with it, to the level that one apparently merges with it." In other words, the title of this document could be "How to Get Possessed by the Batman".

We use invocation for many reasons. In theory, while invoking an entity, the operator will gain the powers and insights of that entity's sphere of influence. Feats outside of your normal abilities can be achieved, and unusual states of awareness can be accessed. Full integration with an entity will also give the operator a temporary status shift, meaning they will be treated as though they were the entity. This will come into play with later workings when we begin evoking the Rogue's Gallery. If you invoke the Batman, the Riddler will be more likely to take orders from you.

If possession sounds scary to you, then let us look outside of the realm of The Exorcism and voudoun mamba dances for examples of invocation. Method acting is one. An actor takes on the role of a character so deeply that his ego is overridden by the character's. One that just about everybody has experienced themselves is playing pretend as a child. If you can't remember, go watch some kids playing (but only if you aren't a creep).

+++Enflame Thyself with Prayer+++

Our first goal is to absorb as much information about the Batman as possible.Spend a few days devoting any spare thought to him. Who he is and how he came to be. Watch Batman movies and TV shows. Listen to Batman soundtracks. Read the comics, of course. Wear your favorite Batman shirt like it was a WWJD tee. Eat, shit, sleep Batman.

At the height of you self-induced Bat frenzy, write your invocation.

According to Hine, there are three steps to a devotional invocation.

1. Deeds of the entity are told in the third person.
2. Qualities of the entity are described in the second person.
3. Powers of the entity are spoken of in the first person.

This invocation can take any form. Liturgical prayer seems to be the most common, but poetry, songs, prose, or artistic acts can also be used.

(It seems to me that the most effective invocatory prayers are the ones we write ourselves, so I won't be posting an example until someone else already has. So get to it and share what you come up with.)


Surround the ritual space in fetish items pertaining to the Batman. Toys, comics, etc. You want to be reminded of the Batman wherever you may be looking. I own the Batman Arkham Asylum game and I will turn it on and aim the camera at an angle that places a living, breathing Batman on my tv screen. You can also play music you associate with him, or burn incense that holds an association.

There may be a timing issue when it comes to certain ritual implements. In the above example, I leave the game running with the tv off. I turn it on as I reach the second part of the invocation, because it is at this point that I am speaking in second person to the Batman. I then turn the tv off again when I get to the third part. It wouldn't make sense to speak of him in the first person if he is "standing" in front of me.

1. Begin (as always) with the four-fold breath. Completely relax yourself into the magical state.

2. Perform the BRBS.

3. Begin reciting or performing the first part of the invocation. Be as emotionally involved as possible. Pretend you are a street corner preacher, telling anyone who will listen about the greatness of the Batman. "HE who is the Batman! HE who killed the god of evil!" Etc.

4. Visualize the Batman standing before you. Call out "BATMAN" repeatedly. Each time you say it, he becomes more solid. Once you are sure that he is standing in front of you, begin reciting or performing the second. part of the invocation. "YOU who are the perfect man. YOU who are the Batman." Etc.

5. Step into the space occupied by your visualization. Feel the image wrap around you. Match your posture to the image. BECOME the Batman. This technique is referred to as "Assuming the God-Form" by western esoteric practitioners. Recite the third part of the invocation. "I am the Batman. I am the world's greatest detective." Etc.

At this point, you should pay attention to any changes in your perception. Do you feel any different from your usual mode of consciousness? Spend some time in this state. Go out and interact with people, taking note of any differences from the way you are treated normally. Make sure to banish again by the end of the day, casting off the God-Form, and returning to normal consciousness.


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